Essential Grilling Tools You Need for a Perfect Cookout

Essential Grilling Tools You Need for a Perfect Cookout

May 22nd 2023

To have a perfect barbecue, the availability of essential grilling tools is as important as having the right recipe. Grilling is a comprehensive process that includes setting up a grill, starting the fire, cooking, and dispensing the cooked food. The absence of the right grilling tools complicates the cooking process, is time-consuming, and results in food wastage.

Let’s look at some essential grilling tools you need for a perfect cookout.

Grill Tongs

With grill tongs, you can say goodbye to prongs and forks. With grill tongs, you can flip your food, toss ingredients into marmalades, and transfer food into dishes without puncturing the meat. Not many people think of tongs as a piece of grilling equipment; they keep you from getting burned. It is better to have two pairs of tongs; one for handling raw meat and one for cooking and serving.


Skewers are the best tools for grilling smaller food items like mushrooms, shrimps, and scallops. These food items taste incredible when cooked over an open flame but can fall into the grill because of their small size. This is where skewers come in handy. Make sure to opt for stainless steel skewers. Unlike wooden skewers, stainless steel skewers are easy to clean and don’t need to be soaked every now and then.

Grill Gloves

Tongs prevent burns, but you still feel the heat on your skin, which is hurtful. Grill gloves can help you flip the meat while grilling. Make sure you get grill gloves with silicone lining for a non-stick grip. After the barbecue season is over, you can use these multipurpose gloves for baking and cooking purposes.

Grill Basket

With a grill basket, you can cook small food items like seafood, vegetables, and fruits without tossing them around with skewers and tongs. These stainless steel baskets have little holes that allow the heat and flavor from the burning charcoal to reach the food items in them.

Grill Brush

To ensure the taste and flavor of your grilled food, your grill should be clean. A grilled brush helps you clean the grill and remove small food particles and carbon build-ups within the grill. After each cooking session, extinguish the fire, and allow the grill to cool down just a little. Then, use your grill brush to scrape away the food remnants and dark soot from the charcoal. If the grill is still warm, cleaning it will be easier. However, some grill brushes can lose bristles, only for you to taste them in your next cookout. Make sure you get a brush without bristles.

Lighter Cubes

Lighter cubes offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional charcoal if you want to enjoy a barbecue experience without increasing your carbon footprint. Place one or two burning lighter cubes over a pile of lighter cubes. All the cubes will catch fire within a few minutes, and your grill will be ready to go. All a chimney to your grill, and start cooking. The best part about lighter cubes? They are ash free, which makes it easier to clean the grill after a session.

Invest in an air probe and add it to your barbecue toolkit for a better temperature estimate.

Grilling Turner

A grilling turner with a serrated edge is a must-have tool for an amazing barbecue experience. The tool has a sharp top edge, allowing you to separate burgers from the grill easily. It has a long handle, which keeps your hands away from the flame. A grilling turner is an effective tool for baking pizzas over a grill. They offer great control when flipping or transferring awkward dough pieces from the grill to the dish. Despite its effectiveness, the spatula has a sharp edge which can damage the meat while cooking.

Burger Press

Shaping a burger with your hands can be messy. Moreover, the shape might not be even, and you may have raw mince. A burger press comes in handy when compressing burgers and molding them into shape. These presses help ensure the burgers are even from each side, which makes it easier for heat to penetrate deep into the pattie without having you taste raw meat.

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