Who We Are........

Who We Are........

Dec 21st 2021

"My goal, just like grandpa's..."

Being in the Irrigation Industry for half my life has taught me the value of helping customers source used quality irrigation parts and equipment at a fair price. Having been a part of my Grandpa Ed's salvage tractor part business while growing up in rural Nebraska, I remember folks driving from miles around to purchase quality parts from grandpa. He often used a Polaroid Camera to take pictures of parts he then sent to customers in the mail.

Technology upgrades have enabled Flatwater Sales Inc to find a niche assisting budget-friendly buyers with used irrigation equipment on national and international fronts. In fact, the company has provided pivots and parts to numerous countries and nearly every area in the United States. Flatwater Sales Inc only provides its customers with top-quality used irrigation equipment by sourcing pivots from good water areas. Employees also assist producers in finding competitive freight rates and installation crews when needed. Flatwater Sales Inc CEO Corey Schaaf has first hand knowledge inside an OEM dealership from service, sales and management to a farmer who utilizes experimental irrigation equipment you can be confident that I've seen and am able to assist with any problem or design you have or may have had.

"My goal, just like grandpa's was, is to provide parts, equipment and technical support to all customers, no matter their budget restrictions," 

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your irrigation needs. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Have a successful year!!