I-WOB®2 UP3®

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I-WOB®2 UP3®

Senninger® has improved on the i-Wob® UP3® design with the next generation i-Wob®2. Featuring a protective shroud that doubles as a nozzle carrier, the new i-Wob2 is capable of better withstanding harsh operating conditions. Senninger Wobbler® sprinklers are recognized across the globe for their ability to spread water in a highly uniform pattern resistant to wind-drift and evaporation.


  • Protective shroud guards the sprinkler’s wear surface from splashing of adjacent sprinklers, grit, and direct UV damage

  • Shroud doubles as a nozzle carrier, making renozzling quick and easy

  • Ultra-low operating pressure of 6 to 15 psi (0.41 to 1.03 bar) saves money and energy

  • Available in four deflector models offering different droplet sizes and trajectories

  • Exclusive below-the-nozzle weight eliminates the need for heavier, conventional drop weights

  • Backed by an unprecedented 3-year warranty on materials, workmanship, and performance.

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