LIMA MAC Irrigation Generator

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LIMA MAC Irrigation Generator

In wet or dusty environments, our Irrigaton Generators deliver ruggedly reliable performance.

For decades, the LIMA MAC generator has built a reputation for no frills durability. The 260 MAC delivers the same rugged performance as its forerunners, in a leaner unit. Its heavy duty insulation system, louvered air intake and design simplicity stand up to even the most dust and moisture-laden applications. It’s the ideal partner for irrigation operations.

2 Bearing

240V – 480V

(60 Hz) 

Designed specifically for starting three-phase AC electric motors... again and again

Delivers 1 hp/kW, Code G induction motor starting capability with 35% voltage dip (80°C rise rating)

Self-excited and inherently voltage regulated

With no external voltage regulator or transformers, it provides 4% voltage regulation, virtually maintenance-free

Inherently provides 500% 3-phase short-circuit support




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