MacRoy D50 Fertilizer Injection System 480 Volt 3-Phase

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MacRoy D50 Fertilizer Injection System 480 Volt 3-Phase

The MacRoy Series D line of simplex metering pumps from Agri-Inject® allow you to pump precise amounts of fertilizer or other crop inputs from a bulk tank and inject accurately and uniformly into the irrigation stream. The easy-to-operate pump can also handle a wide range of other low to medium viscosity liquids that are compatible with irrigation application – all with unmatched precision control, even at low volumes. 

This affordable pump provides a quick payback on your investment, while delivering a high degree of accuracy, reliability and easy of use. Available in 25 gph and 50 gph models and covered by a three-year warranty, these pumps are manufactured exclusively by Milton Roy for agricultural applications using Agri-Inject fluid injection systems.

Key Features

  • Easily accessible filter assembly protects pump, plumbing and connections from foreign objects.
  • Large, easy-to-read dial lets you adjust flow, quickly and simply, while pump is running. Can be locked in position to maintain constant flow. Precision stroke adjustment can be operated while in use. Steady State Accuracy ~ + 2% of full capacity over the 10 to 1 turndown ratio.
  • The control switch is sized specifically to each motor and provides overload protection. The switch enclosure is NEMA 4 rated and fully integrated into the Nomad base.

Operating Range 2.5 to 25 GPH (9.5 to 94.6 liters)
Maximum Discharge Pressure 100 PSI (6.9 bar)

480V 3 Phase