Mushroom Drain

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Mushroom Drain

4 Styles Available

Long Shank

Double Headed

Domed Slow Drain

Knobby Fast Drain

This mushroom drain design is one of the best features for drip irrigation systems, allowing you to control water pressure and flow efficiently. The drain’s unique shape, particularly the domed top enables slow, steady water flow and pressure.

It’s ideal for precision irrigation methods and systems where waterflow and wastage need to be controlled more stritly, and  can be installed in compatibility with different systems and equipment such as different water pumps and pipes, check valves, and more.

Inexpensive, efficient, and long-lasting, the mushroom drain is ideal for monitoring water levels and controlling your drip irrigation system more effectively.

You can place an order for mushroom drains through our website, choosing from different options and varieties through our website.

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