Neutron Reactor - 170-175g Midrange Driver

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Neutron Reactor - 170-175g Midrange Driver

Fission™ has come to the Reactor! When thinking about what the first midrange released in Fission™ plastic would be, the Reactor — beloved for its reliable flight — was a no-brainer first pick. The Fission™ Reactor, thanks to Fission™ Microbubble Technology, is able to be molded all the way down to 155g and still retain its desired flight characteristics. You’ll now be able to enjoy the superb line-holding properties of GYRO® in an extremely reliable midrange, no matter how heavy you like your discs to be! Pick up a Fission™ Reactor today and experience the next step in Fission™ technology!

All models in the 13mm Midrange Drivers class, displayed by relative stability:

  • Reactor
  • Matrix
  • Uplink
  • Vector
  • Axis
  • Vertex

*Colors will vary

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