UMC® 740-U-AD™ Gearbox 50:1

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UMC® 740-U-AD™ Gearbox 50:1

The highest performance standard gearbox in the industry

The UMC® 740-U-AD™ gearbox is purpose built for higher performance and longer life. Its a work-alike to the 740-U™ gearbox with enhanced gear material that allows for significantly increased load capacity and gear life. Based on UMC’s testing, the 740-U-AD™ has the highest load capacity and longest gear life of any gearbox in its class. This is the ideal gearbox for anyone looking for a gearbox built to last longer and handle more.

The UMC® 740-U-AD™ gearbox features a 50:1 gear ratio, a 2.25″ diameter output shaft, large input bearings, cartridge seals and enhanced gear material that allows for increased load capacity, reduced gear wear and lower operating temperatures.
Features and Benefits
    • 2.25″ diameter steel output shaft

    • 50:1 gear ratio

    • Cartridge input and output seals

    • Large input bearings

    • Enhanced gear material that increases load capacity, reduces gear wear and lowers operating temperatures, extending gear life

    • Full cycle external expansion chamber with stainless steel cover

    • 13-Bolt mounting pattern

    • External seal protectors for input and output seals

    • Dual ended input shaft with hub cap for the unused end

    • Top oil fill plug

    • Filled with extreme pressure gear oil

    • Extra long carriage bolts allow use with reinforced rims

    • Positive wheel register

    • The Gearbox’s Four-Rib Design is a trademark of Universal Motion Components Co., Inc. registered in the U.S.

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