T-L Planetary Gearbox 68:1 Ratio

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FW-T-L Planetary Gearbox 68:1
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Take your pivots to the next level with the powerful UMC® T-L Planetary Gearbox 68:1 Ratio. Made exclusively for hydrostatically driven T-L center pivots and linear, the gearbox is roughly ninety percent efficient and is available in a 24:1 and 68:1 gear ratio. Enjoy the efficiency of the quick-acting input shaft, which allows for easy disengagement when necessary. Upgrade to UMC® T-L Planetary Gearbox 68:1 Ratio today!

Here are some of its extraordinary attributes:

  • Lithium grease filling
  • Direct motor coupling with hydraulic input
  • Wheel flange design with nine bolts
  • Extensive output torque of 66,200 lbs
  • Excellent substitute for T-L Planetary gearboxes

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